Sanitary Items for a Month

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No one should feel like that can't go to school or work because they can't afford tampons or towels when they are on their period. It can be hard for some people to ask for things like this but by having a good stock at the food bank we can make a big difference to girls and women who need them. £5 will provide the tampons or sanitary towels for one individual for one cycle. 

Once you have completed checkout you will get an automatic email with a printable card you can download and give to someone as a gift. They will know that your gift to them is a donation to support their local community. 

The download prints out onto A4 paper then you just fold it twice to create a card. There's a space for you to write a message inside and lots of info about the gift and the Kettering Foodbank. 

If you would like to read more about how the money from our donation gifts is used please click here. 

The artwork for this card was kindly created by Bookishly.