About Us

In 2009 a group of friends discussed the growing need for food support in their local community. In response they started a community foodbank from their homes, providing food to those in need. As awareness and demand grew so did the foodbank, leading to the creation of Kettering Foodbank. First housed at St Jude’s Community Project, Northampton Road and then Alexandra Street before moving to its current home at Unit B, 1 Horsemarket, Kettering.

Kettering Foodbank exists because no one should go hungry. We provide people with food in time of crisis, and help to identify and resolve the underlying issues that cause them to fall into food poverty.

Our dedicated team of volunteers give their skills, time and experience to help those in need throughout Kettering and the surrounding villages.

To ensure we best serve our customers and supporters, Kettering Foodbank tracks usage and donations. This allows us to anticipate demand, best allocate resources and help individuals become less dependent on using foodbanks.